What is email marketing? today I’ll be sharing all the tactics, all the case studies of people who are making millions of dollars just through email marketing, and how you can incorporate email marketing in your digital marketing effort and even make money in your email marketing, we have ultimate guide for beginners to start your business by doing email marketing so make sure to stay with us and read until the end. Not many people enjoy email marketing, majority of the income only talk about Adsense, SEO or niche blogging, etc. but email marketing is often neglected. But honestly, if you know about the potential of email marketing, how much money you can make, how many customers you can drive, you’ll really start to love email marketing. In an essence, email marketing is the use of email to develop relationships with potential customers and/or clients. In essence, email marketing is the use of email to develop relationship with prospective customers and clients. You must already be using emails for so many things. So if you’re a college student you must be waiting for some updates, or your delivery instructions is you’re buying something from Amazon. Email is the one you would be looking at for all the email instructions, for all the bills that you have to pay, the first notification comes from the email. And even if you are subscribed to a newsletter, if you’re into food or if you are into travel, then you might be subscribed to any of the website… so these websites are also sending you valuable content through email. As I mentioned that in the content marketing strategy as well that email can also be a very good channel to leverage your content marketing efforts by showing your latest article or showing your latest promotion to the audience that are already given you the permission to send them emails. Or if you’re a working professional, then email becomes more vital for you. For all the emails from the clients or from your boss, majority of the communication takes place through email. You just have to know how to use email marketing in the right way. And you’ll be making much, much more money compared to the traditional marketing channels. You must have seen this trend that the social media apps keep changing. First it was Facebook, but now people are moving away and moving towards Instagram. There’s TickTock, there’s Snapchat, there’s so many different apps coming year by year. Some are dying some are growing like crazy, some are fad apps which just come and go. But see, email has been something that always constant. So email is not dying, at least for the coming years. And now I’m going to show you examples and case studies of people who are really making good money from email and various industries. Be individual entrepreneurs, be it company, everyone- for every company or even individual influencer, email is an extremely important channel to communicate more audience or even to generate more sales. I’ll take examples of companies and various individual influencers who are making from emails Now here is an example of Backlinko.com This is the most, and the biggest authority when it comes to SEO news, SEO tactics and strategies. Here you can see that Backlinko is driving 1.2 million visitors per month, and in an extremely competitive niche like SEO. This is the owner of the website, Brian Dean, he is rather one of the biggest authority in the SEO space. And see the homepage of this website. What is he doing?
Email Marketing
Email Marketing examples
He’s asking for the email address of the people visiting the blog. See, “free exclusive traffic tips… enter your email below to get access to my proven SEO and traffic tips”. So even for this guy whose making millions of dollars, even for him, email address is the most important asset for him. So there must be definitely revenue opportunity for email, right? So I’ll give you stats for this guy. He has recently launched his course, “SEO that Works 2.0”. And he made 1.6 million dollars. And every bit of that sale came from email itself. So all throughout his blog, he’s trying to get the email address of his audience. If I click here, I am again driven to this email optive form. Even if I click here on the newsletter, then again also I’ll be given the option to sign up for his email list.
Email Marketing
Email Marketing examples and Templates
So if I can just enter my email, sign-up, then I’ll be receiving regular email from. And somewhere after some time, after a few emails, by giving me free value, by showing me that he’s an authority in the SEO space, he’ll try to sell me his SEO course. Which I think costs around $2,000 or $3,000 I’m not sure about it. So just through email alone, this guy was able to generate 1.6 million dollars by selling his course. So that is the power of email. So just like him, there are so many people that are making a killing through email itself. In various different genres. So any kind of product you have. You must have seen that Amazon is recommending products. They are sending you emails, not just about the delivery dates and all, but also recommending you different products according to your purchase history. So email is also an extremely important channel for all the ecommerce website as well. In their overall revenue strategy. Before I start giving all the knowledge, all the tips and the tactics and the strategies that work on email marketing. Let me first tell you what email marketing is. People think that they’ll just go and buy an email database of 10,000 or 20,000 or 100,000 people and they just start sending the emails. It doesn’t work like that. You’ll just get banned, or you’ll IP will get banned or all your emails will just go to the spam folder. You don’t want that. You would want your prospective customers to open your email. So first and the most important thing that you have to look at is the open rate. Let’s say if you’re sending 100 emails, out of those 100, how many are landing on the primary tab of the inbox of the people, and out of those emails, how many of the people are actually opening the email? You have to be at it for some time, and then you have to understand that quality will give you much more positive results compared to saving time by doing these idiotic strategies like buying backlinks or buying email databases. Also opening a Gmail account and sending 200 – 500 people a day, all these emails that you want, this is also not email marketing. There’s a process, there’s a structure to email marketing that I will be showing you. First of all you have to understand about the permission based marketing. Whenever you are buying an email list database and sending these spamming emails, then you’re not asking people for their permission. Like I gave you the example of Backlinko here. He’s first asking for your permission. That please enter your email address, and then I will start sending you the emails. because you entered your email here. I’m asking you for your permission. “Can I have your email address? In return of that we’ll give you free digital marketing knowledge”. I’m not asking you for your permission “can I send you emails?” Because if I’m sending you emails and you don’t even know me, then you might even report me or Google will just band my IP. And then all my emails will just start going to the spam folder, and I don’t want that. I want to create a connection with you guys. I want to build trust with you. So this is what permission based marketing is. First asking for permission from you guys that “can I send you the email?” “For this, you first have to enter your email” then you’ll get a confirmation link on your email and if you confirm that email- and if you click that confirmation link, then you are giving me the permission, okay so from now onwards, I’ll be able to send you the emails. And majority of my emails will land on your primary inbox. Now a very unique data to share with you, you might not believe in this, but according to steward’s study, every 1$ that’s spent invested in email marketing gives 40$ revenue in return. Let’s say you enter your email address here, let’s say 1,000 people enter their email address here. Okay, let’s say Backlinko spends $1,000 on Facebook Ads to drive people to this landing page so that they can enter their, email address. And let’s assume that it’s 2$ per email ID, he’s able to get 500 email addresses. Okay, generally what we have seen in email marketing that if you’re a good digital marketer with sufficient knowledge and experience, you are able to get a conversion rate of 1% – 2% from the email addresses. So out of those 500 people, around 1% – 2%, which is around 5 to 10 people, will be buying his “SEO that Works” course. And if he’s selling that course at $2,000 so even at minimum, if those 5 people buy that $2,000 course, he’ll be making $10,000. So a $1,000 investment is giving him a $10,000 revenue. So that is $9,000 of profit and that is the minimum of one person conversion. And we are taking only 500 email addresses. And let’s say he’s able to add 50,000 email addresses, he’s revenue will be much higher. Let’s talk about why email marketing is even important, right? So there are a couple of reasons why you should invest your time into email marketing. First of all you will be able to stay in contact with your audience. I mentioned this multiple times that staying consistent, getting the attention of your prospective customers is extremely important. If you won’t be relevant, if you won’t be consistent then your competitor will get your market share and he’ll take up your prospective customers. So in order to be relevant in 2021 or in coming years, you’ll have to be consistent. You have to provide valuable quality information , while selling multiple times between the funnel in order to stay positive and keep on connecting with your audience in order to grab their attention. And also unlike SEO it gives you a long-term result after 6 or 7 months or even multiple years in some cases. In email marketing you can just- let’s say you have an email list of a hundred thousand people. You can just shoot a broadcast to all those hundred thousand people. And even if you’re getting 20% or 30%, around 30,000 people will be opening your email and maybe let’s say around 10,000 people will be clicking the link inside the email. So instantly you’ll be able to reach all the people who are on your email newsletter. And also people have this tendency of engaging with emails, because it’s a human habit. Email is considered to be a more important area compared to a more social media apps. So people have this habit of engaging with the email. So this is why it becomes a very important channel. And the best part about email marketing like any other digital marketing medium is that you are able to track the results. You can see how many people open the email, you can see how many people engage with the email, how many people click the link in the email. You can even track off all the people who actually click the link and actually converted into a customer by purchasing whatever you’re selling. So everything can be measured. This is why email becomes and extremely important channel because you can easily track how well it is performing. And also it is very affordable.


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