welcome to men’s issues the society likes to ignore, and blame on men what’s the biggest one violence men are blamed for their own gender violence so much more than anything else, here’s the thing it’s no secret that men lead more violent lives, if the majority of the jail statistics the gang statistics and violent crime, but nobody’s ask why, because it goes back to their childhood and what also goes back to childhood is giving females permission to physically oppress men, think about it if one of your earliest memories is being taught to punch that kid who insulted you, it’s not a huge leap to grow up thinking, that violence is the answer what also goes back is giving women permission to abuse men. Therefore physically oppressing them, it’s you’re not allowed to hit girls but to gave girls free rein to slap kick and abuse, and if he fought back then he’s only confirming the stereotype of an abuse of mail, so he has to take it like Men’s issues that society likes to ignore, and blame on men part two depression, depression itself is not solely a men’s issue, it affects everybody no matter if you have a penis or vagina, in fact a UK study actually showed that more women are likely to suffer from anxiety and depression than men.
Men suck at handling mental health because as a society we don’t make it acceptable for them to talk about it, women are more likely to seek help and men are absolute experts pretending like nothing’s wrong, or when they do they’re told to man up.
In Britain suicide is the number one killer of young men, and America’s not far behind that,
it means if you’re young and you have a penis you are more likely to kill yourself anywhere, or to be killed by somebody else or to be killed out an active war zone, I want you to listen to that again the biggest killer of our troops isn’t terrorist bombs or gunfire suicide, it should be a national scandal, it’s not treated like that though men’s issues the society ignores and blames on men per three education my god education we all hopefully by now know that, if you got a penis or vagina no gender is smarter than the other, men are trailing women on a graduating level by a vast amount sixty percent of all of Britain’s bachelor holders are women, that’s fantastic for women, but it actually leads to some likes shocking societal consequences, really the youth unemployment rate for black male dropouts is over fifty percent, why is this happening? I think this comes down to male expectations, which is a societal issue, meaning everybody’s affected and everybody contributes, according to the LA Times only about half of all boys expect to be in a well-paying job, that’s compared to nearly 3/4 percent girls in other words, we are somehow teaching our boys that learning and aspiration and goals is girly. For wages yeah I’m sure I’d turn to some heads with
that statement.
You all have heard about the pay gap, it’s pretty much a nice way of saying that society up by paying one group a different amount based on their genitals currently, in the Western world women on average earn eighty percent of what men do, when you hear it’s reversing until you really hear what that means by analyzing the pay of workers in 147 of the us’s biggest cities they discovered tha tunmarried children less women under the age of 30 are now making 8 percent more than their equivalent partners, in Atlanta and Memphis they’re making 20% more New York women not far behind at 17%, the main reason for this is the same reason why women weren’t making as much as men, it was the education gap, we need to create an equally educated and paid society to fix this men’s issues.
The Guardian recently revealed an article, that stated that men were 40% of domestic violence victims in the UK, and America was close behind the Telegraph.
UK released an article that showed that 98 percent of all sexual crimes against men go unreported why stigma, so what makes you think so we can only assume that those numbers are higher and I have found evidence and articles that have been shoved to the bottom of buff up. A study was released that in 2012 men took up the majority of domestic violence cases but there’s no help, and this one doesn’t really blame on men.
I the only one shocked by that, am I know it hotdogs like that’s such a disproportionate number? it should even be a thing especially considering women work 43% of all work hours in a year and this isn’t just a charity picked out of an article either this goes back to articles back in 1995.
Now obviously this is due to men choosing to work the most dangerous jobs in the world, for it honestly fishermen, loggers semi truck driver, airline pilots, underwater, welders pipeline, drillers, but the fact of that, being male makes you more likely to die in the workplace.
Seventy percent of North America’s homelessness is men other places that gets even worse after 88% men even in places with smaller gender gap, like Australia they are over 50% of the generalized population of homelessness, but guess what once you get out on the streets it gets even worse homeless men die on average five years earlier than a homeless woman, how is this even possible oh right because instead of helping people, we stigmatize them and we blame them, because when a woman’s homeless, it’s because she’s had trauma in her life things haven’t gone right, she’s been in bad relationships environmental reasons she’s human but when a guy’s homeless it’s because he’s lazy he’s not a man he’s garbage, therefore naturally society is not gonna put the same amount of resources for him so why are we blaming men rather than helping men’s.
Let’s talk about parental issues family courts just over a century ago women had absolutely no say men could do whatever they wanted to their wives, and that was their right, men used to have the entire say on whether women could see their kids or not thank God that changed , because that’s not right both people should have, say unfortunately and an intent to balance it out it went the other way Newsweek released a study that showed that women win five out of six custody battles and over 1 million children in America a year live without a father, now what I believe the reason for this to be is again societal is embeddings of what masculinity is, so you’ve got this older Jenner judges who still believe that a woman should be at home taking care of the kids, and the man should be working sexes, and oppresses both genders, we need to chase out any bias in the court systems last.
People fail to understand me when I use the term societal issue that means that everybody contributed everybody contributes, so if you’re gonna sit there and say that men impress themselves, then you’ve got to be able to reiterate to me how women also oppress themselves, because here’s the fact yeah men contribute to their oppression, women used to contribute to their oppression the exact same way but not doing anything about it now we’ve got generations of women who are standing up and saying we’re not doing it this way anymore.
Now we have societies men saying hey we don’t want to live like this anymore either but this is a societal issue as I just explained fathers don’t teach your boys to lash out our culture teaches men to hide emotions even if it kills them. We teach them to aim low just like we did women the answer is support not blame.

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