Watch the video of the boy who build a car from scrap

Story that I’m about to tell you is beyond impressive. And I’ve never seen anything like it before in my entire life. Everybody meet Kelvin, a teenager from the outskirts of Accra, Ghana, who literally made this stunning car from scrap metal with his own bare hands. To me, this is so revolutionary and mind blowing that I couldn’t help but wonder how does one even go about doing this? Well, it turns out that he’s always been a bright kid with very high ambitions.
when Kevin was a kid. And when it flies, it flies to some stage. And so it’s reached a point that he wants to maybe sometimes even end up doing.
What did you think when he first drove the car? And it actually works? What was your reaction? How did you feel?
I was stretched, because God problem and then like this, No, we are not rich enough to for him to drive a car, and maybe you get any injured or he will hit somebody or something. So I’m always cared for whom he was always telling me she didn’t take it out. Even the first time he drove it to this.
Kelvin had a dream to create a car with his own bare hands. And nothing stopped him from achieving his goal. He started with the first piece a few years ago, and little by little the car came to life. Tell me about the different materials that you use. It looks like metals and stuff.

We use the normal material that we use to do the containers. And we are they scraped by point by angle by the iron rods for construction. And also, we use the plate to do the body. This guy is a combination of car and motor. So the motorcycle so we have the motor shocks under here that helps the car to resist the shocks and also the hope you get it from scrubs.
Calvin and I are going to take a spin and his amazing car that he can build from scratch from mostly scrap metal. I don’t even know how it’s gonna work. But I’m excited to get in the car. Okay, cool. Wow, that’s the door handle. Whoa. It’s like a Ferrari, it opens up going in going into Calvin mobiel the one and only Calvin mobiel.
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You should call this like the Calvin OBO. You should get like a little, like logo, like a K. Okay, great. So we’re gonna have his own brand of cars. That says k for Calvin. Like, I’ve never heard of anyone making their own car like this. That’s incredible, man. Like, it’s so inspiring. What you’re doing is really, really special. Is it for the music. Music. Music well, like the ceilings in here, like, it’s like a material. styrofoam. styrofoam. It’s got a mirror. It’s got a radio system. This is a stick shift right here. Alright, it’s really everything that you need in the car. Okay, we’re gonna drive just down the street. We’ll stop. We’ll stop before the main road.

I want to motivate everybody has the knowledge and the skills to build something. Sometimes we are starting to do something. It’s we find it very difficult to build things like this because it costs a lot. So I want to motivate every youth anybody who wants to build something like this or a dream to make sure that dream come to pass and that it can be successful with everybody. That was beautiful.


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