you’re horny as hell, and you want to know how to seduce a married woman into bed? Well, first of all understand getting a woman into bed is really not the focus of Shogun Method at all.
Here’s what you need to know about getting a married woman in the sack. There’s one very important thing that you must understand. And it’s this. Getting a woman married or single into bed should be the least of your priorities. And here’s why. You should instead focus on working up a woman’s emotions and figure out ways to control her emotionally. And when you’re able to control a woman emotionally, guess what? Everything else, including making a woman get physical with you is quite trivial. Remember, as far as a woman is concerned, the body goes wherever the heart is.
Therefore, if you want to get a married woman into bed, then you’ve got to first control her emotions. Okay, so far, so good. You now understand that the key to the kingdom, as far as love and relationships are concerned is through a woman’s emotions.
The entire Shogun Method premise is this. You’ve got to manipulate a woman’s emotions. Now back to the initial question. So how do you seduce a married woman? Specifically, how do you manipulate a married woman’s emotions? The answer is simple.
By tapping on her insecurities in her marriage. Sounds like what a scumbag would do. Right? That’s somewhat true. But then again, I’m a relationship coach, not an arbiter of moral values. what’s right or wrong, frankly, is none of my goddamn business. So here’s the deal. a married woman is pretty much vulnerable to getting manipulated for one very simple reason, there is a high chance that she is highly unsatisfied in her marriage. You see, women are brought up to believe in the fairy tale of the perfect marriage. Blame Hollywood chick flicks and romance novels. For this, every female thinks that she will end up with the proverbial Prince Charming on a white horse. pure fantasy bullshit. Of course, what happens in reality is entirely different. Instead of Prince Charming, she will realize that she’s married to a bum. This has got nothing to do with the poor husband. It has everything to do with her own unrealistic expectations shaped by years of bullshit societal conditioning. As a result of this mismatched expectation, most marriages are unhappy. And yet For this reason, it gets so much easier to seduce married women, this is how you do it. You’ll simply present yourself as the prince charming that she has missed the first time around. Makes sense. Okay, let’s switch gears a bit. Here’s the definitive way to get a married woman into bed with you in two simple steps. Step number one, highlight her husband’s weaknesses. Find out what she is dissatisfied the most about her husband, then remind and amplify her dissatisfaction at every opportunity. For example, She might find that he has turned lazy and fat. So here’s what you can say to her. You know the thing about lazy guys, they always turn fat and only when they get older. Or, I mean who wants to be seen with a fat slob? Right? It can get very embarrassing. Or a guy must always try to take care of himself. If he doesn’t do that. How can he take care of his loved ones? Right? See how that works. Step number two, use fractionation on her. If you’ve done step one properly, then she will start to feel doubtful about her marriage. All you need to do now is to push her over the edge and remove her inhibitions about sleeping with you. There are many ways you can do this. The most effective method is to use a mind control technique called fractionation on her.


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