4 things you should never say to a guy.
Sometimes girls can be so self conscious in the bedroom that they forget that guys have insecurities, too.
They are usually just better at putting them out of their mind because romance. Guys worry about their performance and their appearance just as often as girls do. And it is your job to let him know you think he is romantic no matter what. You don’t want him pointing out you’re flawed, so you shouldn’t do it to him either.
1 . That looks cute. For the most part, men hate cute. We don’t want to hear about it. We don’t want to see it. And we sure as hell don’t want to be at if we come downstairs after getting dressed and you tell us we look cute. There’s a 100% chance we’re changing.
2 . That’s it. He worked hard to give you that mind blowing five minutes. So show a little appreciation.
3. does my butt look fat? This question is pointless because he loves your butt. That’s why he’s having romance with you. It will only make you look insecure, which to men is a universal turnoff for you have to choose your mom or me. The bond between a mother and her son cannot be put in direct competition with the relationship between a man and a woman. They’re not the same and telling him that he has to choose is like asking if you’d rather lose a hand or a foot.
4 . Just hurry up. If you wanted a quickie 10 Why did you let him go down on you for 20 minutes prior to this? It’s not okay for him to be done as soon as he orgasms, so it’s not okay for you to be either. To my ex used to do it like this. Talking about exes while naked with your new partner is pretty much always frowned upon. One. I can’t live without you. Can you say clingy? A man wants a strong and independent woman by his side and saying such words in a new relationship will make a man run in the opposite direction.


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